About PDO Thread Lifts Melbourne

Discover the benefits of thread lifts for your skin, look, and confidence.

What would be better than waking up every day with effortlessly refreshed skin that makes you feel confident and energised? A PDO thread lift delivers that. Reaching your clean and refreshed aesthetic goals is simple with this non-surgical facelift.

About PDO Thread Lift Melbourne?

If your skin feels dull, stiff, papery, and is developing fine lines and wrinkles— you are experiencing collagen loss caused by ageing. Another symptom of this is volume loss: hollowed-out areas that cause your skin to sag. Collagen loss is natural: after the age of 20, your body produces 1% less of this substance every year. If you do not take any action to reverse it, it will deepen. But conventional methods for age reversal often involve surgery. They can be costly, time-consuming,  and hard to alter if not successful. In contrast, PDO thread lifts are the simple and natural-looking answer. The benefits of thread lifts include defining your features, tightening, and plumping up your skin. This simple procedure helps you feel natural, refreshed, and confident again.

Keep reading to discover if a PDO thread lift is the right strategy for your aesthetic goals.

What is a PDO thread lift?

A PDO thread lift (sometimes called a lunchtime facelift) consists of filaments inserted under your skin through a small hole. After these are secured in a position to support your skin, they stimulate your cells to start producing collagen, your body’s natural rejuvenating substance. PDO threads can tighten and contour the skin on your face and neck. They improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. The best part— the results of a lunchtime facelift are immediate and continue to build up over time. After a PDO thread lift, your skin will look and feel revitalised, more elastic, and youthful. Our goal is to take years off your appearance without changing you.

The types of PDO threads for a lunchtime facelift

The PDO material is moulded into different types of threads to address different issues. The 3 main types are: 

  • Mono: smooth filaments inserted in a mesh-like pattern just under the skin.
  • Cog: barbed filaments are thicker and longer than mono threads and are used to tighten and contract sagging tissue and skin, providing more tightening and collagen production. We can use them in the face, neck, and body.
  • Screw: intertwined threads used to treat volume loss in the face. Unlike dermal fillers, they stimulate collagen and will not migrate.

Which PDO threads are the best?

There is no single best kind of thread facelift. The type of PDO threads your doctor uses is tailored to your aesthetic goals. Mono lifts provide skin tightening, slimming, and a subtle lifting effect. They treat double chins, heavy eyelids, excess skin and cellulite on the body. They can also firm the cheeks. Cog threads work to replace collagen and elastin lost with ageing and to correct sagging jowls, necks, cheeks, and body. Cog threads can also adjust your features— for example, performing a nose lift or elevating and straightening the eyebrows. Screw and screw threads add volume to sunken areas of the face and improve your skin quality with lasting effects.

Where to use a thread lift

PDO thread lifts are highly versatile and effective. You can see stellar and long-lasting results for many areas of the face, neck, and body, including treatments for jowls and nose tip lifts. At Elucell Medical Spa Melbourne, we use PDO thread lifts to rejuvenate areas of the face, neck, and body. They are best for treating the forehead and eyebrows, cheeks and jawline, under-eye area, and neck. PDO threads can smooth creases (caused by collagen loss) such as frown lines, marionette lines, and crow’s feet. PDO threads for nasolabial folds are also highly successful.

Do PDO threads really work?

Yes, PDO thread lifts are only minimally invasive, effective, and quick to show results. As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen, which causes the skin to sag, wrinkle, and look dull. This can even change the shape of the face, jawline, and neck, which saps your confidence and energy. Not only do PDO threads lift your skin immediately, but they also stimulate your skin to create more collagen to plump and lift your skin for much longer. This strengthens the skin, bringing back its natural elasticity and glow. When opting for a non-surgical facelift or neck lift, a PDO thread lift is your best option— especially when combined with dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections tailored to your individual goals.

How long does a PDO thread lift last?

The procedure itself is simple and lasts 30 to 35 minutes, which has prompted the nickname “lunchtime facelift.” In ideal candidates, a PDO thread lift lasts 12 to 18 months. The initial threads dissolve after 6 months, but the collagen they generate stays in your skin for 6 -12 months longer.

Is a lunchtime facelift safe?

The threads in this procedure are Polydioxanone, a body-safe, hypoallergenic material also used for surgical sutures. This biodegradable substance generates natural collagen and eventually gets absorbed by your skin, with no removal needed. A PDO thread lift is much safer than surgical lifting options. It requires minimal downtime, only local anaesthetic, and doesn’t cause swelling or bruising.

Lunchtime facelift cost— Is a PDO thread lift worth it?

PDO thread lifts are safe and effective, showing immediate tightening and definition as well as lasting benefits. Looking at any PDO threads before-and-after picture, results are visible at once. This lifting procedure is minimally invasive, producing only slight discomfort. As a result, it requires next to no downtime to produce a subtle and natural refreshed appearance, unlike surgical lifting methodsThe versatility of PDO threads makes them ideal to help you achieve bespoke results with much less effort than other lifting methods. A mini thread lift’s cost begins at $2,400 and depends on your individual needs. Overall, a PDO thread’s cost is much more efficient than a surgical lift and doesn’t keep you from your usual activities.

Who will perform your PDO thread lift?

If you are looking for premium PDO threads in Melbourne, Elucell is your destination. We take pride in providing you with excellent care, advanced scientific techniques, and a healthy, holistic approach. Above all, our premium cosmetic treatments aim to help you restore your self-care practices and natural confidence. You will be working with Doctor Isabella Sillar, our founder and Monash Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery graduate (MBBS Hons). Dr Isabella’s goal is to highlight your natural beauty, strategically designing a gentle and personalised aesthetic treatment to help you embody the best version of yourself. In her spare time, Isabella likes to paint!

Are you interested in getting back your glow and confidence with minimal hassle? Looking for a premium tailored thread lift in Melbourne? Book a consultation and discover if a PDO thread lift or “lunchtime facelift” is your best self-care strategy.