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PDO Thread Lift Melbourne

Experience the PDO Thread Lift, a sought-after non-surgical facelift using barbed, screw, and cog threads to lift sagging tissues and tighten skin. This alternative to traditional facelifts effectively targets sagging cheeks, jowls, and neck areas. PDO thread lift treatments, under 1 hour, can deliver an instant results and natural rejuvenation. While you’ll see immediate improvements, the full effects can develop over 12 weeks. Benefit from PDO thread lifts exceptional treatment of nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Learn more about the benefits of PDO thread lift treatment and see Dr. Isabella’s before and after thread lift case studies.

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PDO Thread Lifts in Melbourne

Mono Rejuvenation Threads

PDO Mono Rejuvenation Threads are smooth or minimally barbed threads that stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, and enhance overall skin quality. They are ideal for those seeking subtle improvements in their skin’s appearance. As we age, collagen and elastin fibers, which provide structure and elasticity to the skin, diminish, resulting in facial laxity or sagging.

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Mono Rejuvenation Threads Melbourne

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Wrinkles are inevitable and ageing happens, but fortunately skin wrinkles and fine lines can be rejuvenated with a quick, minimally invasive procedure. Elucell is one of Melbourne’s leading skin clinics. At Elucell, we offer Anti Wrinkle Injections, which help prevent dynamic wrinkles from becoming static wrinkles.

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Anti Wrinkle Injections Clinic in Melbourne

Dermal fillers for holistic age management

Are you ready to discover the science-backed path to holistic age management? At Elucell, we believe in the power of enhancing your natural beauty and instilling confidence at every stage of life. Ageing is a natural process: our goal is to provide you with tailored, advanced treatments that empower you to feel your best.

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Benefits of Thread Lifts

Bio-stimulators Fillers

If you want to prevent or reverse the signs of ageing without surgery and with long-lasting results, Bio Remodelling fillers (bio-stimulating fillers) might be the right strategy. Signs of ageing can be troubling. Dull and sagging skin, an uneven silhouette, and wrinkles are guilty of draining your energy and self-belief. But often, surgical options are too time-consuming, invasive, and costly. Collagen Bio Remodelling fillers can volumise the skin, restore smooth lines to your figure, and bring back your confidence with a revitalised, healthy glow— all with only minimal discomfort.

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Bio-Stimulators Fillers Melbourne Clinic