Body Sculpting Melbourne – Where You Can Sculpt Your Perfect Body

Body Sculpting Melbourne – Where You Can Sculpt Your Perfect Body

What is the best body sculpting procedure in Melbourne?

The best body sculpting procedure Melbourne has to offer is Elucell Body Sculpting with Onda Coolwaves. 

At Elucell, we provide a cutting edge and scientifically proven body sculpting service. Our treatments are performed by experienced nurses who are qualified in various medical fields, in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Our body sculpting procedure is not only effective at eliminating fat cells, reducing cellulite and improving skin laxity, but it is completely painless and non-invasive thanks to our use of Onda Coolwaves, which regulate heat while eliminating fat cells. 

Does Body Sculpting actually work?

The Elucell team regularly sees the effectiveness of body sculpting first hand, with many satisfied customers leaving five star reviews. Results are seen in the first 3 weeks of the patient’s first session, although 4 sessions over the course of 16 weeks are recommended for optimal weight loss results.

Body sculpting through this process employs the Onda Coolwaves which emits energy waves at a frequency of 2.45GHz towards the subdermal layer of the skin. These waves break down the membranes of fat cells within an area of 15x15cm. The cells and fat are then cleaned up by the lymphatic system and harmlessly ejected from the body.

How much weight do you lose with Body Sculpting?

As mentioned before, the Onda Coolwaves that we use in Body Sculpting targets a specific surface area of the subdermal layer of the skin that amounts to 15x15cm. The concentration of energy eliminates most if not all of the fat cells that are contained in those areas, causing a visible reduction in excess fat. 

Between treatments, the lymphatic system, the part of the body that eliminates waste by transporting white blood cells throughout the body, clears free fat and cellular debris from the treatment area. For this reason, increasing the frequency of body sculpting treatments is unlikely to speed up the process or increase its effectiveness.

What are the negative effects of Body Sculpting?

There are little to no negative effects of Body sculpting. Side effects consist mainly of minor irritations to the affected area, like itching or bruising, which last for a few days after the procedure. As for the procedure itself, there is no recovery time once it is complete. After it is over, you may return to your daily routine.

Body sculpting is a safe way to improve your body shape since it is a non-invasive procedure given only by our qualified and experienced medical professionals. Patients undergo an initial consultation to determine whether they are eligible for Body Sculpting, based on their BMI and any pre-existing conditions. 

How much is a body sculpting session in Melbourne?

At Elucell, we perform body sculpting services that are affordable. Our pricing plan is determined by the number of 15x15cm zones in which the device will be applied. The more zones there are, the less each one costs.

  • 1 zone = $250
  • 5 zones = $1,125 (with $225 per zone)
  • 10 zones = $2,000 (with $200 per zone)

Can Body Sculpting treatment in Melbourne be used as a weight loss technique?

For those with a body mass index below 30, Elucell Body Sculpting can reduce stubborn areas of excess fat. However, it is not a substitute for an active lifestyle or a healthy diet. Body Sculpting complements your own weight-loss efforts for optimal results.

Does this procedure of body sculpting in Melbourne hurt?

Body sculpting at Elucell’s Melbourne clinic offers a painless, pain-free procedure. Our nurses are highly qualified and experienced to ensure patient comfort. The Onda Coolwaves device consists of two handpieces with cooling systems built in to mitigate the heat produced by the fat-reducing microwaves.

Over the years, microwave technology has been applied in various medical disciplines, including oncology, surgery, and dermatology. For the reduction of fat, this technology has been increasingly refined, providing a controlled transmission of energy in the body. Only fat cells in the lower layers of skin are affected by microwaves.

How do you prepare for body sculpting in Melbourne?

To get the most out of your body sculpting session at Elucell, it is recommended that you:

  • Avoid the application of any moisturiser on the treatment area 48 hours prior. This is because dry skin allows for easier passage of the energy emitted from the Coolwaves into the target subdermal layer of fat.
  • In order to aid the lymphatic system with the removal of drained fat and cell debris in between body sculpting sessions, drink an additional litre of water on:
    • The day before treatment
    • The day of the treatment
    • The day after the treatment

Are you ready to take the next step towards your ideal body? Book a free consultation with one of our friendly staff members to start your body sculpting journey.