Your Guide to Body Sculpting – Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted

Your Guide to Body Sculpting – Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a safe, non-invasive and painless way to reduce excess fat in the body. At Elucell, we use a piece of equipment known as the Onda Coolwaves, which concentrates microwaves in certain localised areas within the subdermal layer of the skin, reducing fat cells, eliminating cellulite and improving skin laxity. 

Does Body Sculpting really work?

At Elucell, we have seen the effectiveness of body sculpting firsthand. Patients see results within the first 3 weeks of their first session, however 4 sessions over the course of 16 weeks are recommended for optimal results. 

This particular process of body sculpting works by diverting energy waves with a frequency of 2.45GHz to areas of the skin with fat buildup. These energy waves break down the membranes of fat cells within a 15x15cm area, at which point the fat and cell debris is cleaned up by the body’s healing cells via the lymphatic system.

Is Body Sculpting permanent?

The effects of body sculpting are permanent in the sense that they are irreversible. The fat that is destroyed by body sculpting does not come back. However, that does not stop new fat from being gained and taking its place. That is why body sculpting is only recommended as a complementary treatment to an existing weight-loss regime that involves both a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. 

Is Body Sculpting bad for you?

Body sculpting is not bad for you. 

It is a safe way to improve your body shape since it is a non-invasive procedure given only by our qualified and experienced medical professionals. Patients undergo an initial consultation to determine whether they are eligible for Body Sculpting, based on their BMI and any pre-existing conditions. 

The only side effects to body sculpting are fairly minor irritants to the affected area such as itching or bruising, and they usually resolve themselves within a few days from the treatment. There is also no downtime for body sculpting. After you have received treatment, you are able to return to your normal daily routine or activities immediately.

Is Body Sculpting expensive?

The pricing plan for Onda Body Contouring is based on the number of zones where the Onda Body Contouring device is to be applied. Each zone represents a 15x15cm area of the skin. The higher the number of zones, the cheaper each individual zone costs.

  • 1 zone = $250
  • 5 zones = $1,125 (with $225 per zone)
  • 10 zones = $2,000 (with $200 per zone)

Is Body Sculpting painful?

Body Sculpting is a painless procedure that involves no needles or surgery. An experienced nurse applies two hand-pieces to exposed areas of skin. The heat generated by those hand-pieces is offset by their integrated cooling system, making the experience of body sculpting as comfortable as possible.

Are you ready to take the next step towards your ideal body? Book a free consultation with one of our friendly staff members to start your body sculpting journey.