Dermal Filler Vs PDO Thread Lift

Dermal Filler Vs PDO Thread Lift

Dermal fillers and PDO thread lifts are both minimally invasive procedures that can be used to reverse and slow the signs of ageing. Most of us feel young at heart, despite the way our body and skin ages. We can start to show our age with sagging skin, wrinkles, volume loss, jowls, crow’s feet, double chins, turkey necks, frown lines and generally loss of tone, elasticity and structure to hold everything together in their natural place. Both dermal fillers and dissolvable PDO threads target different parts of the ageing process, and when used together synergize and complement each other. There are low risks of complication, minimal bruising and swelling and little to no pain. 

So, what is the best treatment for me? It really depends on your individual plan and the look you are working towards. At Elucell, we can work together in a consultation with our facial harmonization experts to outline what your desired outcomes are, and tailor what treatment would be the best to help you reach your body confidence and optimal results.

Dermal fillers are good for immediate results. They are cosmetic injectables that are particularly effective at targeting specific areas of concern. For example, if you want to change cheeks, lips or another area, but do not want to change other parts of your face, you would be a good candidate for dermal fillers. They have a short recovery time and the effects are immediately noticeable.

PDO thread lifts also give immediate results, but the results also stimulate long-lasting collagen growth and provide a strong structure for your tissues. They are essentially a minimally invasive, non-surgical thread lift. They work to pull your skin back to its natural position. There are a variety of different looks and changes that can be achieved with dissolvable threads, limited mainly by you and your practitioner’s creativity. 

Where dermal fillers work to volumize, PDO threads anchor, reshape and support your features. Some threads (Mono threads) can also be used to create long lasting and subtle volume, in areas that are too large or long for dermal filler. There is slightly more bruising and swelling in a PDO thread lift, as they are generally changing more area than dermal fillers. The recovery is slightly longer, but the results are also longer lasting and induce natural collagen and elastin stimulation under the skin. For example, using threads you can achieve a fox eye lift, jowl reduction, brow lift, neck lift, improve sagging skin and general reshaping and tightening of the face and skin. If you want any of these changes or want to sculpt your face or reduce sagging skin, you are a good candidate for thread lifts.

What is dermal filler?

Dermal fillers are a great minimally invasive and non-surgical way to shape and mould your appearance. This is especially true as a common feature of the ageing process is the shrinking of tissues and loss of volume which is particularly noticeable in places like the face. This loss of volume can change the shape of your face, and at times lead to wrinkles, sagging skin, deeper expression and frown lines, crow’s feet and hollowness in the face. 

Dermal filler is made of a protein that naturally occurs in our healthy skin. This protein is called ‘hyaluronic acid;’ in its natural form it keeps our skin hydrated and elastic. When used at Elucell, it is administered in a gel-based form that allows for accurate and long-lasting volume replacement and continues to draw in water to keep the surrounding tissues healthy. The dermal filler lasts for 12-24 months before resorbing slowly into your body. The filler provides structural support for your face and is an amazing and safe option for volume replacement (remember that invasive procedures carry risk). When used in combination with PDO threads, dermal filler can achieve amazing and long-lasting anti-wrinkle, age regenerative and body and face sculpting results.


What is a PDO thread lift?

PDO threads are long dissolvable threads that are designed to hold onto the tissue under your skin. PDO stands for Polydioxanone, which is a material designed and used for surgery due to its strength, low complication rate and flexibility. Studies show that sutures and mesh made of PDO are shown to have a low rate of surgical site infections, inflammation and rejection in surgeries. It is a synthetic, biodegradable polymer, meaning it will slowly absorb into your body over time, leaving more natural collagen and elastin than was there previously and is completely eliminated from your body. They are shaped in a way that stimulates collagen formation, creates structure and can be anchored to firm surfaces in your face to achieve long lasting changes, without incisions and surgery.

Your results will last around 12 to 18 months or more, depending on the care you take and how strictly the holistic maintenance plan is followed. The amazing part is that the PDO threads actually dissolve after 6-8 months but leave behind natural, long-lasting improvements in the structure and strength of your tissues.

They are effective because of the way our body shows age. As we mature, our tissues and fat pads move, stretching and migrating with gravity, UV light and other natural parts of living. This is what causes many of the cosmetic signs of ageing, particularly in the face with drooping and sagging of tissues. PDO threads take these tissues and hold them in place where they belong, providing long lasting structural support and rejuvenating our natural connective tissues collagen and elastin. They can create a firmer face and improve skin tone and tightness. They accentuate and reinvigorate our natural beauty. The results can be subtle or more drastic, customisable depending on what outcome you are aiming for.

Does it hurt?

Both dermal fillers and PDO thread lifts are minimally invasive and have little pain. PDO threads tend to hurt more than dermal fillers. The most painful part of the thread procedure is actually injecting the local anaesthetic. Most people tolerate this well, but there are individual differences. It is a short-lasting pain and the procedure itself after anaesthetic is relatively painless, instead you might feel dull tugging and movement of your skin without sharp pain. Dermal fillers are less invasive and have a shorter recovery time than PDO threads. How quickly you heal depends on individual factors, and how well you stick to the recovery plan as many enjoyable activities like smoking and drinking can reduce the speed at which we heal.


Dermal Filler Pricing

0.5ml – $500

1ml – $700

2ml – $1,350

PDO Thread Lift

4x Lifting Threads – $2,400

Additional Threads – $300

Mono Threads – From $600