Estrogen loss: effects on ageing skin and how to fix it with PDO threads

Picture this: your skin is radiant, smooth, and healthy. The tight texture and effortless glow make it easy to get ready in the morning— and even easier to feel confident and energised. PDO threads, cosmetic surgery, and intensive hormone therapies are the furthest from your mind. Now take away estrogen, the most vital female hormone for skin quality. What do you have left? Skin without estrogen quickly becomes depleted. It loses its glow, becomes lined and wrinkled, and starts to sag, becoming dull and crepey. This is a problem many women face after menopause. Ageing skin is skin that has lost most of its estrogen and is gradually losing its ability to produce rejuvenating collagen. But there is an age-positive, holistic solution that can help you prevent and remedy the effects of menopause on the skin: PDO threads.

What is estrogen and why does it matter?

Estrogen is a natural hormone crucial for many of your body’s essential processes. These include the development of female characteristics during puberty and the well-being of the female reproductive system throughout a lifetime. But estrogen has a larger role to play. It maintains the health and youthfulness of the biggest organ in your body— the skin. Estrogen helps keep your skin elastic, moist, thick, and structurally sound. It also protects the skin from damage by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which damage cells and cause faster ageing. Youthful skin is rich in both estrogen and collagen. The estrogen hormone is in charge of increasing and regulating your skin’s collagen production. And collagen matters. Why? Because it’s the substance keeping your skin looking plump, firm, and glowing. Collagen is a protein that creates a matrix in the skin, making it possible to retain hydration, stay smooth and elastic, and support inner structures without sagging. 

Estrogen loss and the ageing skin

During puberty, female bodies kickstart estrogen production in the ovaries. This leads to the development of breasts, the widening of the hips, and the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Throughout a person’s life, estrogen levels fluctuate with the menstrual cycle, peaking just before ovulation. Balanced estrogen keeps skin looking radiant and smooth. However, after menopause, estrogen levels decrease, which leads to the menstrual cycle stopping. So how do we naturally lose it? At about 50, the ovaries naturally stop producing eggs and estrogen. This is completely normal but can cause widespread symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings. Estrogen, through its regulation of collagen, helps to keep our skin moist and plump, so when it starts to decline, we experience more wrinkles, dryness, and sagging.

As we age, our skin starts to show the effects of decreased estrogen levels:

  • Dullness and ageing spots.
  • Creases and wrinkles.
  • Laxity and sagging.
  • Crepey skin.
  • Frail and dry texture.
  • Thinner skin that can’t support inner structures like fat pads, which results in changes in the shape of the face or figure.

At the same time, the conventional answers are either quite aggressive (like hormone replacement therapy) or not effective enough (like topical skincare alone). Fortunately, there’s a holistic, scientific solution: PDO thread lifts. A PDO thread lift is a minimally-invasive way to lift and tighten the skin by working with your body to replenish lost collagen.

The conventional solution for estrogen loss in the skin

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be one answer to depleted estrogen levels. HRT artificially prolongs estrogen years and can help to increase collagen production and skin quality. 

A more holistic approach with PDO threads

What if, instead of working against your body, you leveraged its natural processes to get your skin back to tip-top, youthful shape? PDO threads are a uniquely efficient solution to ageing skin with depleted estrogen and collagen levels— many celebrities and influencers already love them. The reason: PDO threads not only provide an immediate lift, but they also work to improve your body’s natural collagen production system. Plus, this rejuvenating cosmetic treatment is a minimally-invasive, non-surgical lift that involves next to no downtime or discomfort.

How PDO threads restore ageing skin

PDO threads are thin, absorbable sutures made of polydioxanone. This material is a synthetic polymer similar to sugar and made for medical purposes. The treatment: a medical specialist inserts them under your skin using a thin needle or cannula. Once they’re in place, they provide immediate support to the skin, holding it in its former tight shape. Over time, they stimulate your body to create new collagen to replace what it lost after estrogen depletion. Eventually, they get absorbed safely but the results can be maintained for up to 2 years.

The benefits of PDO threads for skin with estrogen loss:

  • An immediate, subtle lifting effect that smooths wrinkles.
  • Minimised sagging and renewed definition of your features or silhouette.
  • Restored skin tightness and healthy glow.
  • Improved skin volume in sunken or hollow areas.
  • Stronger, more elastic skin that helps you feel confident again.

If this sounds like you, book a consultation at our Melbourne clinic. One of our leading specialists will guide you through your rejuvenation options to design the best treatment plan to restore your confidence.