Onda Richmond – Your Ideal Body Is Not Far Away

Onda Richmond – Your Ideal Body Is Not Far Away

Written & Reviewed by Dr Isabella Sillar

Onda Coolwaves Body Sculpting is a fat reduction and cellulite treatment available at our flagship clinic in Richmond.It is a medical process that involves the use of microwaves to remove localised areas of stubborn fat from the body while also improving skin laxity.

All it takes is a free consultation session with one of our highly qualified nurses, then four sessions over the span of sixteen weeks for optimal results. However the effects of Onda body sculpting can be seen within the first three weeks. When paired with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, the effects of Onda Body Sculpting are permanent.

The procedure is safe, painless and non-invasive, thanks to the innovative technology known as Onda Coolwaves. There is no surgery involved, only the use of two handpieces that make brief contact with the skin, concentrating microwaves into the subdermal layer of the skin without affecting any other organs or tissue. 

We do all of this at an affordable cost, with price plans available based on the number of application zones for the Onda Body Contouring device. 

Where is Elucell?

Elucell is located on Bridge Road, close to the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Epworth Hospital. The clinic is easy to access, as it is both a 10-15 minute drive from the Melbourne CBD as well as a 10-15 minute walk from Richmond Station. 

Why go to Richmond for Onda Body Sculpting?

There are many reasons to visit Elucell in Richmond for Onda Body Sculpting, such as:

  • Our experienced and friendly staff or medical professionals in various disciplines including dermatology, cardiology and oncology
  • The sophisticated Onda Coolwaves Body Sculpting technology we use for effective body contouring
  • The abundance of satisfied customers and five star reviews

Are you ready to take the next step towards your ideal body? Book a free consultation with one of our friendly staff members to start your body sculpting journey.