For new patients, we offer a holistic and patient-focused consultation exploring hormones, skin and ageing concerns from an internal and external perspective. Our doctor led consultations is an opportunity for you to discuss skin and body rejuvenation options with an obligation-free consultation, valued at $100. Consultation is non-refundable. This fee is fully redeemable on treatment on the day or placed towards future treatment. All prices below are ‘starting prices’. Total cost based on the type of treatment discussed during the time of consultation determines the final cost of treatment. 

At your doctor led consult, we will:

  • Seek to learn about your skin and ageing concerns holistically
  • Provide hyper-personalised advice from doctors
  • Attain a unique ageing-positive treatment plan, personalised to your age, gender and desired aesthetic

Doctor Led Face-to-Face Consultation & Virtual Consultations

Our doctor led consultations is an opportunity to discuss skin and body rejuvenation options. Our obligation-free consultations are valued at $100. Consultation deposit are non-refundable and fully redeemable if you proceed with treatment. Consultation duration is between 30 – 45 minutes. During the consultation and based on rejuvenation objectives, education, examination, bloods, a treatment plan including supplement prescription from dispensary may be attained. 

Menopause Therapy ConsultationThreads | Injectables | Collagen Bio-Stimulating Filler Consultation

Bio-Stimulating Filler | Skin Rejuvenation | Volume Loss | Skin Tightening | Facial Harmonization & Asymmetry 

Bio-Stimulating fillers start from $900 per vial, these are starting from prices. Biostimulating fillers provide immediate volume but the generation of new collagen takes 6-12 weeks. The final skin quality, firmness, and volume improvements will be complete by month 3-6. The results of biostimulating fillers typically lasts for several years, the filler is dissolved by the body into water and CO2 at 18 months.


Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Bio-Stimulating Filler

Non surgical Brazilian Butt Lift using Bio-Stimulating fillers start from $900 per vial. Biostimulating fillers provide immediate volume but the generation of new collagen takes 6-12 weeks. The final skin quality, firmness, and volume improvements will be complete by month 3- 6. The results of biostimulating fillers typically last for 2-5 years and the biostimulating filler dissolves after 18 months. Up to 3 sessions 3 months apart may be required to achieve the desired result. This is an alternative for people who are not suitable candidates for fat transfer surgical BBL, not interested in implants or want minimal downtime. 

Non Surgical BBL liftNon Surgical BBL lift and cellulite
$900 per vial6 vial package $5000

Mono Thread Lift | Mono Thread Lift Rejuvenation | Thread Lift Under Eyes & Eyelids | | Tighten Sagging Skin | Minimise Wrinkles| Jawline tightening | Neck Thread Lift | Face Thread Lift | Body threads

All prices ‘starts from’. Based on rejuvenation objections attained during a consultation, an accurate quote will provide during consultation.  Mixed treatments to complementary Mono Thread are available. This treatment stimulates replacement of collagen and elastin, it can also be used as an alternative to fat dissolving injections. Mono threads are most effective for fat and skin contraction of the face, neck, waist, abdomen and legs. Maximum result is seen at 3 months. The result lasts typically last for 1-2 years and the thread dissolves at 6 months.

number of threads10 (min)204060100150200

Mid Face Thread Lift | Cheek Thread Lift | Jawline Thread Lift | Jawline Contouring | Jawline Sculpting | Face Thread Lifting | Lunchtime Facelift

All prices ‘start from’. Based on rejuvenation objections attained during consultation, an accurate quote will be provided during consultation. PDO threads are a collagen stimulating treatment and require a minimum of two threads per area. Final result occurs at 3 months, the PDO thread dissolves at 6 months and results typically last 1-2 years.

Number of threads 46810121620

Body Thread Lift | Breast Thread Lift | Stomach Thread Lift | Knee Thread Lift | Arm Thread Lift | Sagging Skin 

All prices are ‘starting from’. Body thread lift is best to optimise skin fullness and tautness, your custom treatment plan can also include biostimulating fillers. Improvements are immediate, and final results take 3-6 months to develop. Longevity of results are typically 12-18 months for PDO threads and liquid biostimulators, powder biostimualtors can last 2-4 years. PDO Lifting threads are suitable for face, neck, arms, abdomen, butt and legs. 

Per AreaPDO lifting and mono threadsPDO mono threads and biostimulatorsPDO lifting threads and biostimulators

Jowls Thread Lift | Jowl treatment | Lower face heaviness

As we age, heaviness around the mouth and neck can occur as result of migrated fatty tissue, unbalanced muscle groups and loss of collagen. For the best results, combination of PDO lifting threads and antiwrinkle is recommended. Dermal filler and powder biostimulators can be used in combination if necessary. PDO threads are maintained typically every 12-18 months, antiwrinkle every 2-3 months, dermal filler 12-18 months and powder biostimulators 2-4 years.

CombinationPDO lifting threads + antiwrinklePDO lifting threads + PDO mono threads + antiwrinklePDO lifting threads + antiwrinkle + dermal fillerPDO Threads + antiwrinkle + powder biostimulaor

Nose Thread Lift | Hiko nose thread |Non surgical nose job | non surgical nose reshaping

PDO threads are used to address the following concerns: flat nasal bridge, asymmetry, drooping nasal tip. PDO nose threads stimulate collagen and elastin product, improvements are immediate and results are final at 3 months. Typically a minimum of 4 threads are required to build the bridge and 2 threads for a tip lift. Repeat treatment may be required at 6 weeks for complex nasal bridge treatments. Longevity of  result is 12-18 months, the threads dissolve at 6 months and can be used in combination with dermal filler and antiwrinkle if necessary.

Treatments4 Threads8 ThreadsAntiwrinkle + Nasal Bridge treatmentAntiwrinkle + Nasal Bridge and Tip treatment

 Neck Thread Lift | Neck tightening | Neck Rejuvenation

The neck can become heavy or saggy as we get older, combination treatments of PDO threads, antiwrinkle and biostimulators are used to treat this area holistically. Antiwrinkle is maintained every 3-6 months and PDO threads 12-18 months. Powder biostimulators is maintained every 2-3 years and liquid biostimulators require 2 sessions every 12 months. Combination treatments are recommended when skin, fat and connective tissue changes have occurred. Repeat PDO threads or biostimulator treatments may be required 3 months later.

TreatmentAntiwrinkle onlyantiwrinkle + mono threadsantiwrinkle + biostimulatorAntiwrinkle  + lifting threadsantiwrinkle + biostimulator + PDO mono threadsantiwrinkle + biostimulator + PDO combination threads

Fox Eye Thread Lift | Cat Eye Thread Lift | Eyebrow lift

Eyebrow lifts can be used to address the following concerns: eyebrow asymmetry, eyelid heaviness, down turned eyes. All eyebrow PDO thread treatments must be done in combination with antiwrinkle to ensure longevity of the result. The final result takes 3 months to develop and the threads dissolve at 6 months. For subtle enhancements and lifts, the results last 12-18 months. For drastic enhancement, 2 treatment sessions may be required 3 months apart.

areasantiwrinkle + 4 thread eyebrow liftAntiwrinkle + 8 thread eye and brow liftantiwrinkle + 1ml dermal filler + 4 thread lift8 thread eyebrow and mid face liftMono thread eyebrow reshaping

Dermal Filler

Dermal filler starts from $500 for 0.5ml and $700 for 1ml. This gel holds it shape to soften irregular contours and shadows that develop with ageing. We also offer a unique filler dissolving treatment approach to correct asymmetry, migrated filler and over filled faces (‘pillow face). The final result occurs at 2 weeks post treatment, for the best results 1-2 sessions may be required.

areascheeksjawlinetempleslipsMouth and chin8 point Liquid face lift


The range for treatment cost is $200 to $1260. Typically, for upper and lower face treatment costs $500 – $750 for natural results and $750 -$1200 for intensive treatment. The minimum cost for antiwrinkle injections is $200. These injections help balance over active facial muscles to prevent wrinkles, heavy tissue, jowling and tension headaches. We offer all 3 types of antiwrinkle at Elucell. Maintenances is typically every 3-6 months.

areasforeheadEyebrow liftcrows feetlip flipchinnose liftneckJowlsfull face and neck