• Bio Remodelling fillers for the arms and hands

About Bio Remodelling fillers for the arms and hands

If you are looking for cosmetic rejuvenation options but prefer a gentle approach, consider Bio Remodelling fillers. Non-invasive treatment with collagen Bio Remodelling fillers is a strategic, natural-looking solution for ageing arms and hands.

Collagen Bio Remodelling fillers: what and how?

Bio Remodelling fillers are a unique type of injectable dermal filler. They help you rejuvenate the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, cellulite, and uneven body contours. The injections are made of PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid). This is a body-safe, synthetic sugar molecule that stimulates the production of collagen, which is a protein naturally abundant in youthful skin.

How do collagen Bio Remodelling fillers work?

Youthful, firm skin depends on the presence of collagen (a protein that provides structure to the skin and shaping support to healthy fat pads) and elastin (a protein that makes skin supple and firm). As we age, we steadily lose the ability to produce collagen and elastin. So our skin ages: lines and wrinkles, brittleness, volume loss, and sagging appear. Bio Remodelling fillers made of PLLA help your body recover lost collagen levels. When your doctor places Bio Remodelling fillers under the skin of your arms and hands, this sends a signal to your immune system. Immune cells (fibroblasts and myofibroblasts) travel to the area and generate new collagen in the skin as they begin to dissolve the material. Unlike other types of dermal fillers, collagen Bio Remodelling fillers restore and strengthen your body’s natural ability to produce collagen— and as a result, youthful skin. Bio Remodelling fillers create a subtle, steady change that looks natural and can last up to 4 years in ideal patients.

Benefits of collageN Bio Remodelling fillers for the arms and hands

  • Collagen Bio Remodelling fillers improve the appearance of the arms and hands, making them look younger, smoother, and rejuvenated.
  • They restore volume, subtly filling out hollow areas and providing even contours.
  • They improve skin quality, boost glow, and minimise the appearance of both cellulite and age spots.
  • They are a unique type of dermal filler: they build up your body’s ability to produce supportive collagen that distributes fat more evenly. They are a long-term solution for volume and sagging.

Who should get Bio Remodelling fillers for the arms and hands?

Anyone with ageing concerns in the arms and hands (wrinkles and age spots, sagging tissue and hollowness, lax and creepy skin) might benefit from rejuvenating treatment with collagen Bio Remodelling fillers. If you are not a candidate for surgery or want a gentler approach to age reversal, this non-invasive and effective procedure might be a solution.

Explore treatment with collagen biostimulators


    The first step is a 40-minute initial consultation with a leading cosmetic specialist in our Melbourne clinic. They carefully evaluate your needs and goals to recommend the best treatment plan tailored to your unique aesthetic objectives and lifestyle. Treatment with collagen biostimulators is typically quick and easy: it takes under an hour. Thanks to local anaesthetic, discomfort is minimised.

    After your non-surgical procedure, you will experience increased volume due to swelling. However, the collagen boost that results in healthy contours and better skin takes 6-12 weeks to complete.Results are subtle, gradual, and natural. Your body is doing the work— you simply provide the best tools.

    Local anaesthetics and the use of tiny injection needles keep the procedure minimally invasive, almost painless, and prevent most bruise formation. After your treatment, you will experience some soreness and potential minor side effects. Like any medical procedure, this treatment carries inherent risks— but these are very low when done by a certified and experienced professional.
  • Result

    Initial soreness will last 24-48 hours. You can return to your usual work the following day and resume physical activity a week after treatment. Continued soreness after the first 48 hours indicates that the immune system is already working to generate new collagen. To minimise the risk of lumps and nodules in the area, your doctor will educate you on a self-massage technique that distributes the material and stimulates collagen. You must perform this technique on the treated area daily.

Best complementary treatments arms and hands

Depending on your goals and skin concerns, your specialist might recommend pairing collagen Bio Remodelling fillers with other non-invasive treatment options. These may include:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections act to relax wrinkle-inducing muscles and are essential for maintaining the rejuvenating results of biostimulating injections for longer.
  • PDO thread lifts are a non-surgical method that can define arm contours and provide the skin with more structural support even as it creates new youthful collagen.To find premium rejuvenating solutions tailored to your unique goals, book a consultation for collagen stimulators for the arms and hands at our leading Melbourne clinic. We are committed to helping you find your confidence again.
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