• Bio stimulating fillers for the neck

About biostimulators for the neck

Using collagen biostimulators for facial rejuvenation is not new— but you can also strategically leverage their natural action to firm and revitalise the neck and chin.

Collagen biostimulators for the neck offer a radiant glow, natural-looking volume, and firm skin.

Unlike conventional surgical methods, collagen biostimulators are a minimally-invasive treatment for the neck. They have minimal downtime, are cost-effective, and provide long-lasting rejuvenation results.

Should you include collagen biostimulators in your age-reversal strategy?

What are collagen biostimulators?

Collagen biostimulators are cutting-edge injectable dermal fillers that help replenish the skin’s natural collagen stores.

These injectables improve the appearance of shallow to deep wrinkles and folds, restore volume to hollow skin, and provide firm support for a naturally youthful look. Over time, they improve skin quality and restore your true confident self.

The material used in collagen biostimulating injections is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a body-safe synthetic substance used in medical devices for many years.

The how of biostimulating injections

After the age of 20, collagen (the structural support protein) and elastin (the flexibility component) in your skin start to decrease.

With ageing, the repeated contractions of the grimace muscle in the neck (platysma) result in the weakening and sagging of the ligaments that hold neck skin and fatty chin structures.

This causes the skin in your neck to become crepey (wrinkled), lax, and dull. Tissues migrate, creating a hollow, sagging effect and loss of definition in the area under the chin.

Biostimulating injections work with your body instead of against it. Unlike other dermal fillers, they work by stimulating your body’s own immune system.

Immune cells (fibroblasts and myofibroblasts) restart collagen production in the treated area and gradually replace the collagen lost due to ageing.

This new collagen restores the structure of your neck skin, rebuilding volume and providing support to reduce sagging. Skin quality also improves, giving you a healthy, confident glow. The final result is a more youthful-looking appearance that can last up to 4 years.

Why get collagen biostimulators

Including collagen biostimulators for the neck in your age-reversal journey has many benefits: 

  • They improve the appearance of the skin, increasing healthy blood flow and minimising wrinkles.

  • They work to rebuild and tighten neck skin from the inside out.

  • They even out the texture and tone of the skin in the neck area, resulting in a smooth and radiant complexion.

  • They are versatile, adding volume and definition in the right places to achieve tailored results.

  • The results of collagen biostimulators are long-lasting, subtle, and cost-effective.

  • Treatment with collagen biostimulators is quick and easy (compared to surgical alternatives) and there is minimal downtime to disrupt your life.

Should you get a biostimulator treatment?

When your neck feels saggy and lacks definition, your confidence and self-esteem suffer. But conventional methods involve aggressive medical intervention and a lengthy recovery period. If you are looking for a non-surgical neck lift that improves skin quality long-term, biostimulating injections might be your best choice. In a consultation, your medical specialist will help you determine if you will benefit from collagen biostimulators.

Getting the treatment: collagen biostimulators


    During your initial 40-minute consultation, a medical specialist will assess your concerns and goals to help you craft a well-rounded treatment plan. The procedure itself takes under an hour and is minimally invasive. Your specialist injects the liquid dermal fillers with a thin cannula that prevents bruising.

    Depending on your treatment combination, your neck will feel sore for 24 to 48 hours. However, this will not keep you from returning to work the following day. Some volume improvement will become visible immediately after your procedure. But the full results depend on the speed of new collagen formation. Skin improvement, tightening, and the all complete volume boost take 6 to 12 weeks to develop.

    After your biostimulating injections, you can return to intense physical activity after one week. You might experience soreness for longer than 48 hours. The cause is your immune activity: fibroblast cells are active beginning new collagen production. For best results, you must follow your doctor’s indications following the treatment. These will include a self-massage technique you must perform daily to prevent nodules and improve skin appearance.

Achieving unique results: complementary treatments

If you are looking for a non-surgical neck lift that improves skin quality long-term, biostimulating injections might be your best choice. Injections of collagen biostimulators help to improve the appearance and feel of the neck. Other non-surgical treatments can complement these dermal fillers to achieve the results you desire: 

  • PDO threads: the combination of collagen biostimulators with a PDO thread lift provides skin improvement and tightening of lax tissues. This results in revitalised neck skin with chin definition and only minimal bruising.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections: to maintain results for longer, it is crucial to complement collagen biostimulators with anti-wrinkle injections. These relax muscle contractions and delay the return of skin sagging and wrinkling.

To craft a premium treatment plan that restores your confidence and glow, book a consultation in our Melbourne clinic. Our leading experts will answer your questions about collagen biostimulators for the neck and help you plan your age-reversal journey.

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