• Non surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Using Biostimulators

About non surgical BBL using bio stimulating fillers

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a popular way to volumise and shape the buttocks. But there might be a better option: an advanced, non-invasive BBL using biostimulators.

This non-surgical BBL procedure improves the appearance of the buttocks by making them look fuller and more evenly shaped. These unique fillers also improve your skin quality and reduce visible cellulite.

The treatment is relatively quick and easy, requiring lower costs and minimal downtime for long-lasting results.

If you want to regain your confidence through a cutting-edge procedure with natural results, biostimulators might be your best BBL treatment option.

What is a non-surgical BBL: how is it different?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic procedure that restores the smooth shape of the buttocks. The conventional method involves the placement of fat into the buttocks during a surgery that carries inherent risks and side effects. 

What is a non-surgical BBL: how is it different? 

A BBL cosmetic procedure using collagen biostimulators is a safer buttocks rejuvenation option with fewer potential side effects and downtime. 

In a non-surgical BBL, collagen-stimulating dermal fillers are injected into the buttocks using a cannula (a small hollow tube) that minimises pain and bruising. 

These fillers work with your body to create new volume in the buttocks, smoothing out your silhouette and improving your skin and blood flow. The results are natural, subtle, and long-lived.

How a non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift works

For a more natural BBL— no surgery involved— your cosmetic specialist inserts biostimulators under the skin of the buttocks.

These dermal filler injections are PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid), a synthetic version of a substance that is naturally found in the body. What makes them different: they work by stimulating your body’s collagen production.

After age 20, natural collagen (the youthful skin protein) starts to decline. The consequences are loss of skin elasticity, reduced support for fatty structures, and a figure with hollowness and sagging.

The PLLA fillers attract immune system cells (fibroblasts and myofibroblasts), which produce new collagen and improve blood flow to the area. A non-surgical BBL gradually restores buttock volume, silhouette fullness, and skin quality.

5 benefits of a non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift with biostimulators fillers

  • Immediate increase in buttock volume (fuller buttocks) and firmness which continues improving until week 12.

  • Improved blood flow and collagen production for healthier buttock skin in the long term.

  • An even silhouette contour thanks to strategic collagen biostimulator placement.
    Suitable for smoothing out “hip dips” or volume loss at the top of the buttocks.

  • Better skin quality and minimised cellulite appearance.

  • Long-lasting results with lower costs and minimal pain and downtime.

Who benefits from a non-surgical BBL?

If you experience volume loss, sagging, or an uneven silhouette in the buttocks area, you might benefit from a non-invasive BBL.

If you are not a suitable candidate for BBL surgery, you can minimise risks, pain, and lifestyle disruption with this non-surgical BBL.

If you already have had BBL surgery, you can use a BBL with biostimulators to maintain and refresh your results without another costly and invasive procedure.

The non-surgical BBL procedure

  • Duration

    During an in-depth 40-minute consultation, your medical specialist will evaluate your aesthetic goals and concerns. Together, you will design a treatment plan that suits your needs, schedule, and expectations. The non-invasive BBL procedure is performed in under an hour, with local anesthetic for your comfort. Afterwards, you will experience soreness for 24 to 48 hours. However, mild discomfort might continue as your immune system is working.
  • How long does non-surgical BBL last?

    Some initial volume improvements are visible immediately after the procedure in our Melbourne clinic.Volume, firmness, and skin quality results continue to develop with collagen production until week 12.Collagen biostimulators stay in your body for 2 years. The collagen created by your body after a non-surgical BBL lasts for up to 4 years— and so do its benefits for volume and skin.
  • What to know: aftercare

    After your procedure, you can return to work the next day and resume intense physical activity after a week.Your specialist will instruct you on a self-massage technique you must perform daily on the treated area. This helps your immune system create the desired results and prevents the formation of temporary nodules.

Complementary treatments for a non-invasive BBL

If you want to create bespoke results, your specialist can customise your treatment plan to include:

  • PDO thread lifts, which tighten the skin and add definition, are an ideal silhouette-refining companion for the improved volume created by collagen biostimulators.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections are essential to relax the muscles in the area and prolong the results of your non-invasive BBL.
    To craft a personalized treatment plan and feel confident in your body again, book a consultation for a non-surgical BBL at our Melbourne clinic today.
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