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About the Fox Eye Lift

Aging, genetics and sun exposure contribute to droopy, or ptotic eyebrows and eyelids. This is typically most noticeable near the tail of the eyebrows where the forehead muscle is weakest to keep the eyebrows lifted. 

The Fox Eye Lift is a non-surgical procedure that aims to lift the brow tail, open up the eyes and reduce hooding. Dissolvable barbed PDO threads are inserted at strategic points on the temple and forehead which when pulled upwards will hook under the skin and gently pull it back, lifting the skin around the eye up and out to create the desired upturned almond shape. 

The amount of lift given is completely customisable, depending on the severity of sagging and the result you want to achieve. 

PDO Threads are dissolvable sutures meaning the effect is not permanent. The lift will last anywhere from 6 – 12 months depending on your lifestyle and metabolism. However, this doesn’t mean you will lose all results – the collagen formed whilst the sutures were in place will remain.  As the threads make collagen, the skin is likely to become firmer and tighter, and less prone to sagging once the threads have worn off. 

Only one treatment will be required to achieve the desired result. This will gradually fade over time. You may consider a repeat procedure after the effects have diminished. We use small amounts of local anaesthetic during the thread placement to ensure that any discomfort is minimal. Treatment itself is relatively quick and because it is non-surgical, there are no cuts or incisions – and, therefore, no scarring. 

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Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time

    40 minutes
  • Recovery Time

    Minimal downtime. There may be some slight bruising and tenderness. You will be able to return to work the following day.
  • Results

    Results are immediate and generally last up to 6 months. This collagen will last years.
  • Pricing


The Treatment

What is a Fox Eye Lift?

A Fox Eye Lift is a non-surgical brow lift where threads are used to;

  1. Create an elongated, almond shaped eye. This look involves placing lifting threads that are fully biodegradable under the skin, the tail of the eyebrow and outer eye can be repositioned.
  2. Create brow lift – e.g., lift the brow to reduce hooded lids of heavy eyebrows which are often caused by aging. Treatment for this indication is suitable from age 30 onwards.
  3. To correct asymmetry, where a thread is placed in one brow to lift one brow to create symmetry and balance with the other.

Is it safe?

The treatment is very safe but as with any type of treatment, there are small risks. In this case, infection is a small risk, but you will be given advice on how to avoid this.

Is it painful?

A topical or injected local anaesthetic is administered to the treatment area so you won’t feel the treatment – however, you will feel a small sting from the anaesthetic if it is injected.

Will I need to take off work?

It is advisable to have a day off, but you should be fine to return to work the day after treatment. You may have some swelling and bruising which will settle after 7 – 10 days and shouldn’t be too visible. You will also have small ‘folds’ in the hairline where the thread has been inserted – these will settle after a couple of weeks and are not really visible.

Can you achieve the Fox Eye look with anti-wrinkle injections alone?

Unfortunately, the Fox Eye Lift is not achievable using anti-wrinkle injections alone. Dermal fillers alone cannot achieve the same result. However, combining threads with temple fillers and botulinum toxin injections at the same time will give superior results and results will tend to last longer. During your initial consultation, Doctor Isabella Sillar will explain which treatment or combination will be the best for you according to your age, skin type and aesthetic goals.

What happens at my first appointment?

Following your initial consultation, a local anaesthetic will be injected with tiny needles at key locations on the face. The threads will be inserted under the skin using fine needles and are then pulled into position. The needles and extra lengths of thread are trimmed so that nothing shows outside of the skin. You are awake throughout the procedure.

Will skin laser treatments cause my threads to dissolve?

It is highly unlikely that a laser treatment would affect the threads because laser treatments keep to the surface of the skin and don’t penetrate deep into the tissue where the PDO filaments have been threaded in.

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