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Wrinkles are inevitable and ageing happens, but fortunately skin wrinkles and fine lines can be rejuvenated with a quick, minimally invasive procedure. Elucell is one of Melbourne’s leading skin clinics. At Elucell, we offer Anti Wrinkle Injections, which help prevent dynamic wrinkles from becoming static wrinkles. Administered by doctors and nurses, these injections temporarily block the signal between muscle and nerve to smooth the skin for rejuvenated, younger-looking features. When the chemicals kick-in and block the nerve transmission to facial muscles, the muscles can no longer contract, which causes wrinkles to relax and soften, and also helps prevents new wrinkles from forming – like muscle relaxants. 

At Elucell, less is more. We offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments that support our holistic approach to ongoing skin health. We aim to achieve profile harmonisation by balancing the relationship of the nose, chin and lips. It’s not just about wrinkles and fine lines. We can also perform a subtle brow lift using Anti Wrinkle Injections and prevent excessive sweating, teeth grinding and gummy smile.

You can expect this anti ageing treatment to last for about four months, until it dissipates, and  treatment is needed again.The bigger and stronger the muscle, the quicker you will see motion return to the treated area. Side effects are minimal. The injection site may swell slightly or become red and bruised. Redness should mostly go down within an hour and within a couple of hours any residual swelling should be gone. It is common for the treated area to feel tight immediately after your Anti Wrinkle treatments. However, you can expect to resume your normal daily activities almost straight away.

Are you looking for Anti Wrinkle Injections in Melbourne? We look forward to meeting with you and answering all your questions and assessing any areas of concern. 

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How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Anti-wrinkle injections are made up of a purified protein that blocks the nerve transmission to the muscles that causes wrinkles on the face. It targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet: the repeated muscle contractions from growing and squinting over the years.

Will I look unnatural or frozen?

Results will be natural-looking, which is achieved by using less units. The ‘fake’ overdone look is often the result of poor aesthetic assessment and overzealous use of product, which we do not ascribe to.

Are there any contraindications?

You cannot have anti-wrinkle or dermal filler injections if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive. Certain neurological conditions may affect suitability. Further advice can be given following a review of the client’s medical history during the consultation.

What causes fine lines and wrinkles?

Collagen and elastin are critical to skin tone, tightness, and appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles will happen to everyone as they age. Skin damage, sun exposure, weight changes, stress, poor sleep and diet, and certain medications and medical conditions can contribute to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crepey skin.

Is anaesthesia used during treatment?

The type and intensity of anaesthesia used during the procedure will vary according to the treatment type. It is common practice to use a topical numbing cream. 

How will I look immediately after treatment?

Many clients leave the clinic looking refreshed and with very little ‘evidence’ of treatment. Some clients may experience immediate swelling and others minimal bruising or barely visible needle marks. Swelling tends to settle over 48 hours and bruising within 5 – 7 days. For these reasons, it is important to schedule your appointment carefully. 

We recommend that you plan any cosmetic treatments within 4 weeks of any significant social event or travel plans.

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