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About PDO Mono Threads

Skin aging involves a loss of collagen and thinning of elastic fibres (elastin). Elastin and collagen form the ‘scaffolding’ of the face and as they diminish with age, we lose structure and elasticity in the skin resulting in facial laxity or ‘sagging’. 

Avoid going under the knife. Whether you are looking to combat visual signs of aging or are simply looking to define facial features, PDO Mono Threads are a minimally invasive alternative to surgery. 

PDO Mono Threads are made from a material called Polydioxanone which is an absorbable polymer that is flexible and durable. Mono Threads induce collagen production, creating a tightening effect for 6 to 12 months after your procedure. The threads become a support structure for your face, allowing natural collagen production to take place, over time the PDO will be fully dissolved by the body. PDO is broken down in the body ultimately ending up as water and carbon dioxide. 

The Mono Threads are inserted into the sub-dermal level of the skin, in a mesh-like pattern to achieve maximum tightening effects. After entering the skin, the threads activate collagen synthesis for a gradual skin tightening and skin rejuvenation effect. 

When people think of threading procedures, they normally think of thread lifts. These use a slightly thicker thread than the ones used in mono threading. Mono Threads differ from thread lifts which use long barbed threads to lift tissues, however they can still provide an improvement of fine lines and wrinkles by gradually stimulating natural collagen production. Mono threads tighten the skin, they do not significantly lift it.

Mono Threads may be combined with other skin treatments such as chemical peels and needling and cosmetic injectable treatments, for a complete rejuvenated result. We will advise you of suitable combination treatments and pricing during your complimentary consultation. Treatment can be performed in the same appointment as consultation. 

If you’re interested in becoming an exclusive patient of Elucell, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation at our Richmond office today and let us help you.

Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time

    30 - 60 minutes based on area/s treated.
  • Recovery Time

    This treatment has minimal downtime because it is non-surgical. 1 - 2 days recovery should be expected.
  • Results

    Patients typically see results within 8-12 weeks of treatment and results often last for between 6 - 12 months.
  • Pricing

    10 threads or less - $50 per thread
    20 threads - $40 per thread
    30 - 50 threads - $30 per thread
    50 - 100 threads - $20 per thread
    > 100 threads - $15 per thread

The Treatment

Which areas can be treated with PDO Mono Threads?

PDO Mono Threads are great in mobile areas of the face. They are flexible and don’t interfere with muscles, allowing practically all areas of the face and body to be treated, including upper and lower cheeks, marionette lines, crow’s feet and periorbital zone, forehead and brows, arms, neck and jawline, nose to mouth lines, buttocks and abdomen. You can also have Mono Threads inserted in the edge of the lip line to give a subtle enhancement without injecting filler and experiencing puffiness and bleeding.

Who is a good candidate for PDO Mono Threads?

The most favourable anatomic characteristics for Mono Threads are people with a low body mass index, minimal fullness to the soft tissues, strong underlying bone structure to support elevated tissue, and good skin quality. Mono Threads are great for tightening the skin without adding volume.

How long until I see the results of the Mono Threads?

You will begin to see results within six weeks of your treatment. These results will continue to improve over the next 2-6 months as new collagen is produced.

How long do the results last?

PDO Mono Threads help to create new collagen that supports your face and creates a tightening effect that lasts 6-12 months after your treatment. The results vary depending on lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, exercise etc. We recommend having another Mono Thread treatment six months after the initial treatment to maintain tightening effects. 

Does the procedure hurt?

Topical anaesthetic will be applied before the Mono Thread treatment, so you experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. You may experience a firm feeling and some tenderness in the area that has been treated for a few days after the procedure.

How long does the treatment take?

The time of the treatment will vary based on factors, such as the size of the area being treated but will typically take anywhere between 30-60 minutes.

What is the downtime?

Treatment may produce minor swelling and bruising in the area that has been treated, which will subside after a few days. Often clients will return to work the next day.

Is there anything else I should know?

This treatment will be performed by our highly trained medical team.

  • Avoid taking blood thinning medications and supplements including aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oils and alcohol for three days prior to having treatment. This will minimise the chance of bruising.
  • Avoid facial laser treatments for 3 months post-treatment
  • Avoid more invasive skin tightening treatments 6 months post-treatment
  • This treatment is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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