What You Need to Know About PDO Threads

What You Need to Know About PDO Threads

Many of us have imperfections or parts of our appearance we want to change. On the inside, we feel young, but when we look in the mirror that feeling isn’t always reflected. PDO threads are a non-invasive and fast way to instantly wind back the clock and reduce the impact of aging on our outward appearance. There is no surgery, the procedure is reversible, and very little to no pain.

What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are long threads that are designed to hold onto the tissue under your skin. PDO stands for Polydioxanone, which is a material designed and used for surgery due to its strength, low complication rate and flexibility. Studies show that sutures and mesh made of PDO are shown to have low rate of surgical site infections, inflammation and rejection in surgeries. It is a synthetic, biodegradable polymer, meaning it will slowly absorb into your body over time, leaving more natural collagen and elastin than was there previously and is completely eliminated from your body. They are shaped in a way that stimulates collagen formation, creates structure and can be anchored to firm surfaces in your face to achieve long lasting changes, without incisions and surgery.

Your results will last around 12 months, depending on the care you take and how strictly the holistic maintenance plan is followed. The amazing part is that the PDO threads actually dissolve after 6-8 months but leave behind natural, long-lasting improvements in the structure and strength of your tissues.

They are effective because of the way our body shows age. As we mature, our tissues and fat pads move, succumbing to gravity. This is what causes many of the cosmetic signs of aging, particularly in the face with drooping and sagging of tissues. PDO threads take these tissues and hold them in place where they belong, providing long lasting structural support and rejuvenating our natural connective tissues collagen and elastin. They accentuate and reinvigorate our natural beauty. The results can be subtle or more drastic, customisable depending on what your desired outcome is.

Why should I use PDO threads?

PDO threads alter our appearance in a natural way. They are flexible in their application and can achieve a range of results, depending on look you want. When consulting with Elucell, a plan can be tailored to your preferences and look. The outcome is customisable.

Instead of adding more volume with injectables, or incisions and scarring from surgery; PDO threads can simply take your existing features and restore them, to recreate the beauty of your younger self. If desired, changes beyond just anti-aging can be achieved. For example, the fox eye lift. 

PDO threads have less complications than surgery, faster recovery and minimal pain. The results are also reversible, so if you do not like your result, it can be quickly adjusted. They can also be used to increase the volume of an area subtly and precisely, without the risk of migration associated with injectables.

What can I achieve with PDO threads?

You can reshape and redefine your appearance. Elucell combines the company’s passion for confidence, beauty and art into a process called facial harmonization

With a variety of different techniques, we can:

  • lift sagging skin and fat
  • tighten and improve the health of the skin
  • reduce wrinkling
  • restore sun damaged skin
  • improve definition
  • increase volume
  • reduce bags under your eyes
  • reshape eyes, eyebrows, jawlines and other features
  • balance and shape asymmetry
  • restore and rejuvenate connective tissue
  • provide long lasting structural support to your tissue

When visiting for a consultation appointment, you will get the opportunity to talk about the changes you want to see, long-lasting insecurities you might want to alter and the ideal picture you want to present to the outside world. With our expert staff, you will explore the possibilities, and embark on the journey toward your more confident and beautiful self. We work toward your goals and provide professional recommendations on the best treatments available. We also offer a holistic maintenance plan, plasma skin resurfacing, injectables and fillers to complement our threat lifting procedures to provide you with every opportunity to achieve your desired appearance. 

For example, check out this before and after of Ms X. She wanted to reduce the impact of gravity over time on her jowls and redefine her jawline.

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This is Ms Y, who always dreamed of having the popular ‘fox eye’ look. She wanted a subtle result that did not make her appear frightened or surprised.

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This is Mrs Z, who always felt self-conscious about the skin below her chin. Now she reports her confidence has drastically improved, and with it, her social life!

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In essence, PDO threads are a customisable, affordable, safe and painless way to redefine and rejuvenate your appearance.

What is the Price for PDO Threads?

Pricing for a PDO Thread Lift varies depending on how dramatic and intense the lift will be. We always recommend a consultation with our doctor first to discuss your goals.

Price range for a Neck, Lower/Mid-Face or Brow PDO Thread List is $2,400 – $3,000.


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