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Elucell Clinic specialises in advanced non surgical facelift treatment using PDO thread lift Melbourne. We also offer a premium range of holistic anti-ageing cosmetic treatments including cosmetic injectables, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle, PDO mono threads and thread lifts and skin tightening treatments.

Our comprehensive selection of cosmetic treatments support our holistic approach to ongoing skin health and facial harmonisation. Our doctors and registered nurses are dedicated to providing you with evidence-based treatments and gold-standard results. This goes hand in hand with Elucell’s mantra of regularly practicing self-care and making conscious everyday decisions to present the best – most confident – version of yourself. Our Science. Your Confidence. 

If you’re interested in becoming an exclusive patient of Elucell, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation at our Richmond office today, and let us help you. 

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Our Treatments

  • Bio Stimulators Fillers

    Bio Stimulators Fillers

    If you want to prevent or reverse the signs of ageing without surgery and with long-lasting results, biostimulating fillers might be the right strategy. Signs of ageing can be troubling.
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  • Dermal Fillers

    Dermal Fillers

    As skin ages, it gradually loses collagen, elastin and fat. Lines and wrinkles and volume deficiencies begin to appear. Strategically placed dermal fillers take the place of lost fat pads and collagen.
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  • Anti-Wrinkle


    Elucell is one of Melbourne’s leading skin clinics. At Elucell, we offer Anti Wrinkle Injections, which help prevent dynamic wrinkles from becoming static wrinkles. Administered by doctors and nurses
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    Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are a type of material used for thread lift procedures. PDO Threads is an absorbable polymer that is flexible and durable for threads.
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Book Obligation-Free Doctor Lend Consultation

At Elucell, we offer a holistic and patient-focused consultation exploring skin and ageing concerns. Our doctor led consultations is an opportunity for you to discuss skin and body rejuvenation options with an obligation-free consultation, valued at $100. Consultation deposit is fully redeemable if you proceed with treatment.

At your doctor led skin consult, we will:

  • Seek to learn about your skin and ageing concerns holistically
  • Provide hyper-personalised advice from doctors
  • Attain a unique skin treatment plan, personalised to your skin and your body
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    Collagen Bio-Remodelling Fillers

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    PDO Lifting Threads
    Thread lifting (otherwise known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’) is a preferred treatment by our patients due to it’s effectiveness and non-invasive nature. The threads are a suture-like material that are used to lift the sagging of the skin around the face and neck area.

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    Meet our Founding Doctor

    Dr. Isabella earned her medical degree from Monash University (MBBS Hons) and has completed her first year of physician training with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

    She is passionate about minimally invasive treatments that support collagen building, tissue tightening and remodelling at every age.

    Ensure you put yourself in the best hands when it comes to your cosmetic treatments.

PDO Thread Lifts – FAQ

What are PDO Threads?

PDO Threads are biodegradable, polydioxanone (PDO) sutures, which dissolve in the body over time. 

Once inserted, the polydioxanone suture will be absorbed by the body over time, approximately around 6 to 7 months. Results typically last 12 months. 

By stimulating the body’s natural immune response, PDO Threads stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in restored skin elasticity and skin cell regeneration. This can help to improve the appearance of fine lines, skin laxity and jowling.

What areas can be treated with PDO Threads?

A thread lift works best when the face is treated as a whole, however the individual areas that can be treated are: 

  • Upper and lower cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck
  • Jawline
  • Mouth lines
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Under-eyes 

We will often combine our thread lift procedures with different treatments such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatment. 

Thread lift treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by our cosmetic doctors.

Who is suitable?

Patient suitability will be determined by your Practitioner. As PDO Threads can be used to address a variety of aesthetic concerns, they can be suitable for many different age groups. 

PDO Threads can not be used on clients who have Diabetes Mellitus with complications of Dermal Necrosis. Other contraindications will be determined by your Practitioner. 

How are Thread Lifts performed?

Using a non-incision method, the Threads procedure is minimally invasive and generally has minimal downtime. 

The procedure works by inserting very fine threads under the skin through a tiny hole made with a small needle. The threads grip under the surface of the skin enabling us to lift up the sagging skin. The threads are then secured to hold the lifted position of the skin. 

  • markings will be made in pencil to ensure symmetry; 
  • the skin will be thoroughly cleaned to reduce risk of infection; 
  • local anaesthetic will be injected or applied topically at key locations on the face; 
  • the threads will be inserted under the skin through a small hole made with a needle, and then pulled into position;
  • the threads are secured and trimmed.

How many threads will I need for a lift?

The number of threads needed will depend on the type of thread used. Generally for a lower face lift, you will need two threads on each side at a minimum (total 4 threads).

What is the difference between Mono Threads and Lifting Threads?

Mono Threads are a type of PDO filament which can be inserted into the sub dermal level in a mesh-like pattern, to help increase skin tightness. The threads activate collagen synthesis which produces a gradual skin thickening, skin tightening and rejuvenation effect. Results may be seen in 6 weeks and will continue to improve over 2 – 6 months.PDO Mono Threads are ‘short’, smooth threads without barbs. Typically around 5 – 50 PDO Mono Threads are used to treat a single area. 

During a facial lifting procedure (e.g., mid-face lift), your Practitioner may use Cog Threads. Cog Threads are thicker lengths of PDO material that are loaded onto a cannula which is then inserted into the skin. These threads have little cogs (or barbs) on them that lift up the sagging skin of the cheek, jowl or brow when the thread is pulled upwards. As they are stronger than PDO Mono Threads, cogs can achieve more lifting and contouring. The results are immediate. This type of treatment is the most effective non-surgical treatment for face lifting.

What is a Fox Eye Lift?

A Fox Eye Thread Lift is a non-surgical brow lift where threads are used in for three different reasons: 

  1. To create an elongated, almond shaped eye. This look involves placing lifting threads under the skin, so that the tail of the eyebrow and outer eye can be repositioned.
  2. To create brow lift – e.g., lift the brow to treat hooded lids of heavy eyebrows which often are caused by ageing – treatment for this indication is suitable from age 30 onwards. 
  3. To correct asymmetry, where a thread is placed in one brow to lift one brow to create symmetry with the other. 

How long until I can see the results of my Thread Lift Procedure?

You will notice an immediate lift in your sagging skin after the thread lift. The results generally improve over the first 3 – 6 months as collagen is produced by the body around the thread.

Is it painful?

Thread lifts only have mild discomfort when performed correctly. The use of strong local anaesthetic ensures a comfortable procedure. You can expect less downtime and pain in comparison to a surgical facelift. 

Why combine PDO Threads and Dermal Filler?

Often threads are supplemented with Dermal Fillers to add extra volume to sagging skin. Threads are just one tool in the toolbox to address peri-oral sagging (nasolabial folds and marionette lines) and the formation of jowls. By subtly re-inflating these areas of volume loss with filler we can support sagging tissue and achieve some degree of a lift. This is where PDO Threads have their role. The threads serve to move soft tissue (sagging skin) to a more elevated position. While the lift itself might be minimal, in conjunction with the fullness achieved with Dermal Fillers, we can achieve a definite, discrete improvement of facial contours.

Filler also allows for less downward tension on the threads, and therefore better settling of the threads and longevity.

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